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Course Content

C Online Training

In order to successfully complete C Online Training, you will not need any prior knowlede of the C programming language. We will begin with the most basic concepts of C and take you up to the highest level of C programming including the usually intimidating concepts of pointers, structures, and dynamic allocation in this C Online Training. To fully understand these concepts, it will take a good bit of time and work on your part because they are not particularly easy to grasp, but they are very powerful tools. Begin it career will give you the best C Online Training which boost your career and also assist you in certification.


C Programming Online Training Course Content

Declaring Variables
Preprocessor Statements
Arithmetic Operators
Programming Style
Keyboard Input
Relational Operators
For and while loops
If, if else, relational operators
String and character handling
Data validation examples
Conditional expression operator
Additional assignment operator
Sample programs so far
Handling user input and Validation
Formatters for printf() and scanf(), bit operations
Data conversion with itoa() and atoi()
Linked Lists
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Preprocessor Statements, Macros, Conditional Compilation, typedef
Eumerated Data Types
Register based variables, null statements and strings
Command Line Arguments
Pointers to functions
Formatters for characters and strings
System Calls
Suggested solutions to all problems
Advanced C, hardware accessing, longjump/ctrl break, tsr’s, comms
Interactive tests

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