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Course Content

SAP APO Online Training Course Content

Demand Planning
Introductions, APO Overview
Overview of Demand Planning Concept
Datamart, info-cubes & Demand Planning
Planning area and Planning Books
Macros & Notes
Interactive Planning
Statistical toolbox, Promotions and Life Cycle Planning
Mass Processing and Release of Plans
Exception Processing and Alert Generation
Supply Network Planning / Core Interface
Overview of Supply Planning Concept
Supply Planning, Interactive Supply Planning, Integration with other SCM components
Planning Methods: Heuristics, Optimization & CTM
Transport Load Builder
Releasing Supply Plans to DP, PPDS, ECC
CIF Core Interface : Introduction to Architecture of Integration
Master Data, Integration to R/3
Planning in ECC – APO with Integration Model Generation
Initial & Change Transfers, Background Jobs
Monitoring & Handling CIF Errors
Comparison & Reconciliation
Global Available-to-Promise
Overview of Availability Management in ECC-APO
Principles and configuration of Availability Check
Check using Product Allocations
Advanced Methods
Rule based Check
Multi-Level ATP
Explanation & Simulation Feature
Global ATP/OPTP interface
Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling
Overview of PPDS, Prerequisites, Prod. Planning with ECC
Master Data & Transaction data Integration with ECC, SNP, DP, gATP
Demand Management, Requirements & Sales Orders in PPDS
Production Planning Strategies
Planning Heuristics
Capacity Requirements, Capacity Planning / Leveling
Exception Processing, Alert Generation
Free Discussions, Questions
Consulting Practice Planning
Further Reference Sources
TP/VS Overview
Master data for TP/VS and Master data for SNP
TP/Vs cycle (End to start)
Manage transportation
TP/VS Planning Board
TP/VS Optimization
Carrier Selection
Dynamic Route Determination
Freight costing
Freight reporting.(BW integration)
Carrier performance
Integration points with A/P
Integrations points with order management
Integration points with MM(Material Management)
CIF (Core interface options) system navigation
Process overviews and configurations

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