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Selenium Online Training

Selenium Online Training consists of suite of tools for browser automation. It is composed of “IDE”, a recording and playback mechanism, “WebDriver” and Remote Control “RC” which provide APIs for browser automation in a wide variety of languages, and “Grid”, which allows many tests using the APIs to be run in parallel.The latest versions in Selenium Online Training are Selenium IDE 2.5.0, Selenium Server (formerly the Selenium RC Server) 2.39.0, The Internet Explorer Driver Server 2.39.0, Selenium Client Drivers Java 2.39.0, Selenium Client Drivers C# 2.39.0, Selenium Client Drivers Ruby 2.39.0, Selenium Client Drivers Python 2.39.0.Begin IT Career will give you the best Selenium Online Training with real time experienced tutors.


Selenium Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Automation
Introduction to Selenium
Selenium Components
Selenium IDE
Selenium Core
JavaScript and HTML
Core Java Fundamentals
Language Fundamentals
Using the java.lang.String Class
Inner Classes
Defining, Instantiating, and Starting Threads
Object Orientation, Overloading and Overriding, Constructors
About Eclipses
Fire Bug, Xpath and CSS
Selenium RC
How to use TestNG and Junit in Selenium
Auto IT Script for handling windows
Selenium Grid
Advanced Selenium 2.0 – Web driver
Automation Framework

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