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Unix Online Training

The UNIX is an operating system designed to deliver outstanding scalability, reliability, and manageability. Best of all, the UNIX operating system is available from various vendors like IBM,Solaris,Linux etc.Unix is a multitasking, multiuser computer operating system that exists in many variants.Unix online training will help you master this open, standards-based operating system that conforms to The Open Group’s Single UNIX Specification. Unix by itself is not a single operating system but a term that includes dozens of different implementations commonly referred to as Unix flavors and our unix online trainings courses and certification guidance modules are your ideal destination to learn and get certified.


UNIX Online Training Course Content

Overview of System Administration
User Administration
Map Reduce
File System Basics
Advanced File System Concepts
Disk Management
UNIX Processes
System Startup and Shutdown
UNIX System Security
Performance Monitoring and Tuning
IP Addressing
Configuring TCP/IP
The LP Print Service
Network Utilities
Kernel Reconfiguration
Overview of NIS

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